A 4-night event that will restart your relationship with Christ


Refuel Week is approaching and we want you to join with us in praying for God to do an amazing work.  Click on the link below to join us from Friday, Oct. 22 at 7 pm - Saturday, Oct. 23 at 7pm.  Someone will be at the church throughout this time to let you into the building to pray.


 The 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting is taking place as the GC Family prepares for REFUEL October 24-27.  REFUEL is an event that will reset and restart your relationship with Christ in a powerful way.  This 4 night event runs Sunday through Wednesday at 6:50 and features Guest Speaker Ronnie Hill and Chad Chaney leading worship. 

Sunday, October 24 | Kick-Off Night | 6:50 PM

Monday, October 25 | Kid’s Pizza Night | 6:00 PM

                                                Music begins | 6:50 PM 

                                                Several kids will be given the chance to win a $500.00 prize 

Tuesday, October 26 | Student Pizza Night | 6:15 PM

                                                 Music begins | 6:50 PM

  Several students will be given the chance to win a $1,000.00 

Wednesday, October 27 | $3.00 Steak Dinner Night | 6:00 PM

                                                 Music begins | 6:50 PM


There are several opportunities for you to be an important part of REFUEL!

*Encourager Counselor (training will take place Sunday, October 17 at 3:00 PM and Wednesday, October 20 at 6:30 PM)

*Usher for Offering

*Baptism Helper

*Prayer Warrior (people to pray during each nights event)

Sign up to SERVE by scanning the code with your phone and filling out the online form or use the link below.

Sign up here


 40 Days of Prayer (September 13- October 22)


 Sept. 13                 those who will be attending and their openness to hear the messages

Sept. 14                 the Holy Spirit’s presence to be strong at Glenview Church at REFUEL  

Sept. 15                a sense of urgency for the word of God to be shared in our community

Sept. 16                 Ronnie Hill who will be leading the revival each night

Sept. 17                 the planning and preparations that are taking place

Sept. 18                 reaching the unbelieving world around us with God’s message of salvation

Sept. 19                 hearts to be restored

Sept. 20                 the students that will be attending that they will be open to the messages

Sept. 21                SERVE volunteers to help make the event run smoothly

Sept. 22                 boldness to speak the word of God to our friends, family and community

Sept. 23                 God’s conviction to us about what is right and what is wrong

Sept. 24                 God’s presence to be powerful and mighty in our lives

Sept. 25                 those who are sick to be healed

Sept. 26                 God to guide our vision and direction

Sept. 27                 connection with people who will be visiting during the revival

Sept. 28                 God will convict each person about their mission and purpose

Sept. 29                 Ronnie Hill and his preparation for the revival

Sept. 30                 our hearts to be totally dependent on God

Oct. 1                     people who need to be invited to attend

Oct. 2                     the strong presence of the Holy Spirit’s

Oct. 3                     the Holy Spirit to break Glenview’s heart for those who are lost

Oct. 4                     Glenview to be broken over our individual sin and ask for repentance

Oct. 5                     each person at Glenview to invite at least one person/family

Oct. 6                     the surrounding neighborhoods and how they can be reached

Oct. 7                     Glenview to have a hunger for God’s Word on a daily basis

Oct. 8                     kids to hear the messages and feel the Holy Spirit

Oct. 9                     parents to be vulnerable to what their kids need from them spiritually

Oct. 10                   wisdom for those navigating difficult family dynamics

Oct. 11                   parents  having courage to share Jesus’ love with their children daily

Oct. 12                   the sound and lighting equipment, and video team 

Oct. 13                   repentant hearts

Oct. 14                   Ronnie Hill as he goes into the local schools to talk about bullying

Oct. 15                   the worship team as they take us into God’s presence

Oct. 16                   parents who are separated/separating and arguing to reconcile

Oct. 17                   families to come together and be sparked for God

Oct. 18                   marriages to be restored

Oct. 19                   God to open our eyes to see those who are hurting around us

Oct. 20                   strength to endure temptation when it comes

Oct. 21                   those who need to be set free from sin and hurt

Oct. 22                   the bold messages that will be heard